Hi guys! Another video is now alive over on my YouTube channel and this time it’s ‘Anthem’ from the musical Chess! This is a particular favourite of mine because it is full of challenging belts and has a transition from chest voice into head voice (hopefully without breaking it, ha!).

Other classics from Chess are ‘Someone Else’s Story’, ‘Nobody’s Side’ and of course, not forgetting, ‘I Know Him So Well’ which I think is mostly everyone is guaranteed to know.

This song to me is a song that I will always pick in my setlist for concerts and it is one of my favourites to use in auditions as it isn’t ‘over done’ and lyrically I feel you can put a lot of emotion into the song, the song goes through a journey both lyrically and vocally, and again ‘Anthem’ is one of those songs people can relate to the lyrics and have their own interpretation on it.

The music video can be watched here: with some wonderful footage captured by my all time favourite Corey Terrett! Thank you!

So that’s all from me on Anthem and I hope you enjoy the video! Love and wishes and until the next song,




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