Hi guys, something exciting is happening at Ryan Port Music! We are proud to launch #StudioSessions where I will be singing some new songs that you guys haven’t seen me sing before and I will be singing some songs that we have uploaded videos for but live in the studio!

The first song of #StudioSessions is something that is slightly different from the ones you have heard me cover previously. This time the song I have chosen is ‘Grow for Me’ which is from  one of my favourite musicals, Little Shop of Horrors!

Little Shop of Horrors was one of the first shows that I was in when I was younger and yes, I did play Seymour, the geeky shop assistant who’s in love with Audrey. Musical theatre, eh?

‘Grow for Me’ is one of those songs from the show that I think people would familiarise with the show more alongside ‘Suddenly Seymour’. The previous songs you have seen me cover have been songs that I can belt and very lyrical whereas this song is much more character driven. During the song, Seymour is becoming very agitated and irritated due to the fact that the plant he has just bought from the local market isn’t growing one bit.

Grow for Me is the song that I personally feels sets the entire story of Little Shop of Horrors. This is because the plant isn’t any old ordinary type of plant; in fact it is blood thirsty as the plant thrives of blood and that is how it becomes to grow and come alive.

That’s it for the post and I hope you enjoy the song! Head over to ‘Ryan Port Music’ on YouTube and give it a listen!

This is just the start of #StudioSessions! Lot’s of exciting songs coming in the next few days and weeks – keep your eyes peeled!

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Thank you!

Until the next song,




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